Thursday, July 18, 2013

30 Day update!

So I totally understand why everyone  starts to disappear once they close on their homes. There is just so much to do you barely have time to blink! Over the past month we have tried our hardest to make this home ours. We have our 30 day walk thru tomorrow and we have our list ready quite a few items on the list were on our walk thru list and still haven't been completed, so I added them to this list. So here is our list:
30 Day list
1. Fix grout in master shower and tub
2. Re stain railing very patchy looking.
3. Re Paint stair treads you can see stain under the paint.
4. Paint stain on carpet in catwalk. (pre close list)
5. Silicone on counter tops.
6. Back splash still needs to be installed. (pre close list)
7. Front door re painted.
8. re do trim @ basement window its broken.
9. Living room floor squeaks
10. Stairs make loud cracking noise.
11. Missing 4 screens (pre close list)
12. Add railing to rear stairs (pre close list)

Other then making our list we have been busy making this house a home. The hardest task we have accomplished so far was replacing our foyer chandelier and hanging the ceiling fan in the family room. This involved renting 12 foot scaffolding from HD!!! It was truly an adventure I have no pictures of my husband on it because I was to busy praying that he didn't kill himself. In the end I think it was totally worth the $42.00 to rent it instead of paying almost $200.00 to hire someone.

Another task that I am so happy about and saved us so much money is we have started changing out all the hinges and door knobs from brushed nickel to oil rubbed bronze. When we priced this out it would cost us about 410.00 for the knobs and 200.00 for the hinges. Because I feel that spray paint is your best friend :) I bought 2 bottles of spray paint for $15.00 and had K spray them all! They look amazing and you cant tell the difference at all!! Saved us $595.00!!!!!

We have started to finally hang pictures on the walls as well but we still have a ways to go in that area. The trim guys is still working hard he comes by on the weekends and gets a few hours in, I don't mind how long its taking because it looks great! And K did a great job doing the front flowerbeds they look amazing!

New Furniture my birthday presents!

New Furniture and vase from Home Goods my 2nd home :)

Furniture in Family room Look wall art ;)

Ceiling Fan!!!
Wall art in Morning room

Foyer Chandelier

Trim work!!

More Trim

More trim

Crown Molding in Living room

Crown in Upstairs hallway

Flower beds

Flower beds
Door Knob

ORB knob and hinges for pennies!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Water Issues

Well tomorrow will be 3 weeks since we closed and we are settling in nicely. We have had a few issues arise with the house. On Saturday as we were giving a tour of the house to some family, we noticed a big puddle of water in the basement!! I felt around and the insulation is soaked and it seems to be coming from either the front hose bib or the main water from the street. We called the emergency plumber line and I explained what was going on and that I didn't think they needed to send someone out on a Saturday. They were already coming out Monday for our sump pump drain issues, so I figured they could take care of it then. I just wanted to make them aware before they showed up Monday morning.
Today they showed up and sure enough we were right it seems to be coming from the hose bib. They are guessing that the sealing wasn't done properly. They are going to come back and fix it but they need to wait till the ground dries up some more all this rain has caused the ground to be too wet.
Another issue that we have is the Solarium floor is not flat! When they were building the house the framers cut the holes for the skylights way before installing them. We had some awful rain and the floor got soaked! I knew this was going to be a problem but our PM assured us that it would dry and be fine. At our walkthrough I brought it up again because I could feel the hills in the floor and you can actually see them! They are sending someone out Wednesday morning to rip up the floor and fix it.
We have already started our list and begun placing blue tape on the areas that need touch ups. We are supposed to have our 30 day walkthrough with the SR next week. I know that meeting is going to be fun especially since we aren't talking to each other and she is causing so much trouble for me but we will see how things go.
Overall we are very happy with the house and our list is pretty minor so far we are missing a few screens, some hinges are brass that should be brushed nickel, some paint touch ups and stain issues and some grouting is cracking and needs to be re done. The only major issues are being taken care of already, but we are using this next week to make sure we have everything written down so we can get it taken care of at once.
We have also done quite a bit of work outside and the front of the house no longer looks like the standard builders landscaping! It looks great I will get some pictures up tomorrow of all the changes we have made these last few weeks.

June 28, 2013

Here are the long awaited pictures we still have lots to do but its starting to feel like home finally!
Master sitting room
Master Bedroom
Master shower
Master Tub
Oldest daughter's room
Crown in rooms
More crown in rooms
Little girls room
Chair rail in rooms
Crown in room
Little man's room
Little guys room
Crown in rooms
Kids bath
Kids bath
Chair rail in progress in foyer
New Fridge!
Microwave & Pendants
Morning room
Pantry still being fixed from leak
Pantry after being fixed
Morning room
Ceiling fan
Laundry room
Chandelier in Daughters room
Living room
Dining room & lights to be installed